Staff Review: My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante

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my brilliant friendMy Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante

GENRE: Fiction

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: My Brilliant Friend is about Elena and Lila. The novel begins when the girls are very little, Lila ‘treacherously’ throwing Elena’s doll down a drain. Elena responds by doing the same thing back to her. Supporting, challenging, competing against one another, this pair of friends negotiate their way through their poor upbringings, in a small village on the outskirts of Naples. They work their way through such developments as school, boys, the perils of the neighbourhood. At adolescence their opportunities diverge and so does their lives, but is it possible for these girls to grow up and leave behind their small village on the outskirts of Naples?

WHY I LOVED IT/WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT: You should read it because Elena Greco is a brave, brilliant child and Elena Ferrante is a brave, brilliant author and perhaps these two Elenas are one and the same! You should also read My Brilliant Friend because it is a smart account of female friendship.



Staff review: Kat Jumps the Shark by Melinda Houston

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kat sharkTITLE: Kat Jumps the Shark

AUTHOR:  Melinda Houston

GENRE:  Modern Fiction

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Kat has a handsome husband, a terrific step daughter and a job she loves until one day it all falls apart. Out of love and nowhere to live, her life spirals out of control with only her job holding her together and that’s about to combust too. Her job? A location manager for a new reality TV series set in Melbourne. Between the contestants, her crazy intern and the lecherous host, this is an hilarious tale of losing it all and then finding it again.

WHY I LOVED IT/WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT: A deliciously wry and funny story set in the inner city of Melbourne, you will recognise the suburbs, the streets and places. And not to mention the madness of celebrity and TV land.

THIS BOOK IS PERFECT FOR: : If you love Offspring, are fans of Toni Jordan and Maggie Alderson, this is the book for you.